Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Be different

I just ordered some cards at Vistaprint.
They were for free,only the shipping had to be paid. Unluckily I mashed up some things and I ordered too much, which meant that I had to pay more!
It's a tricky website, you order something and when you check out, you get directed to other possibilies,... before you know it, youorder things you aren't aware of!
hm,... will not tell you the whole story, I hope they allow me to cancel some things that were in my shopping cart before I knew!

What I wanted to show is this picture, I made some postcards of it to send with my sold orders.
Last weekend I discovered a hydrangea tree in my mothers garden, with some beautiful flowers, I took a little branch and made pics of it yesterday. The flowers have so nice texture and color!
I like the result!!!

I thought it was fun to show you some designs that were my very first sales in my Etsy shops: necklaces and earrings with my beloved hydrangea flowers. See the pictures here below:

Do you remember my 'be different card' of last year?