Saturday, March 20, 2010

shopping fever

One day is way to short to shop in Amsterdam. I am so lucky that mister hubby is so patient with me when I am in a shopping mood. Well, it was not about clothes, but more accessories and Design, that made it somewhat more bearable for him! haha!

Not to forget: I got some great tips from Maartje (Mamutopia) who is an inhabitant of this cool city.

Seeking for the 9 straatjes we discovered the Moooi designshop of Marcel Wanders.
Not really design for my wallet, but a great showroom that gives you many ideas for your own home. (His shaker stools are on of my all time fav's) I show you some inspiring pictures I took, in a next blogpost.
Not far from the Anne Frank house we found this original shop (a tip of Maartje), a cabinet of curiosities, really my kind of thing! ( The otherist, Leliegracht 6)

There I discovered the work of Swedish Karin eriksson, simply gorgeous!!!!

They even had my beloved brand of handbags of Robert le Heros.

But I bought this(3 of my obsessions in one: paper, scissor cutting and Japan) :-)))
(this is a picture of the finished wave, in fact it is DIY paper box)

Another cool tip of Maartje was the Haarlemmerdijk where I found Restored , a shop to my heart with lots of handmadedesign and repurposed stuff.

I saw these ladies and their shop before in 101 Wonen, a magazine I never buy but always borrow at my local library :-)
I will show you some pctures in a next blogpost.
It was typical Belgian weather: sun and rain, sun and rain, and while hiding for a rain shower we could take a look in this bag shop. A shop to my heart, because everyting is made fair and ethial (in Changmai) (you can find this brand also in Belgium at Tantejojo in Leuven).

and then: het grote avontuur
Hubby has a lucky smile on his face, haha, we can't take big things like wardrobes and drawers because we came here by train!! But I did bought some furniture, and will show it soon (in a next blogpost :)
Lots of vintage pottery here, sweet 'baby good luck shoes', teatowels with reprinted 60's illustrations and the well known 'gouden boekjes' but I'll tell you more about them later...

So far a bit of my shopping trip. Of course we visited a few musea today,
and also ate some yummie things I want to show, but well, that is for tommorrow!
see you then!