Sunday, February 8, 2009


I've been working this weekend on my challenge creation. This time the theme is: recycling, sustainable future. hosted by Vadjudtka? Go visit her shop with wonderfull mixed media jewelry!

I like the idea of recycling and repurposing a lot.
I have lots of beautiful clothes of my kids in gorgeous fabrics that I can't throw away. I love to visit flee markets and buy vintage fabrics, just because I am fond of these vintage patterns and colors.
One day (when I've learned how to sew) all these clothes will have another live as a bag or tote, a headband, a brooch or maybe I make postcards out of them :-))
For my Challenge creation I used a torn silk scarf (one my mother dyed herself in the Seventies) and a torn (silk) pair of trousers (it was really worn out since my three daughters have worn it :-) , cut it into pieces and made some silk beads out of it,.
I combined them with destash beads of the same colorshades and some gorgeous ribbon and silk threads. By using the ribbon as closure you can adjust the lenght of the necklace.
You can find 'jungle fruit' soon in my shop. (click on the images to go to my shop)