Friday, August 21, 2009

Belgian Sweets in Holland

Yummie breads and cakes in this bakery located in Wyck,
a district in Maastricht (near the Railway Station)with a a special ambiance and lots of trendy shops.

As you know we did a lot of shopping in Maastricht, not only on the Craftparking fair! In Maastricht we visited a very famous bookshop: 'Selexyz Dominikanen, a bookshop located in a 16th century Dominicaner church, described als the most beautiful bookshop in the world in the Guardian!

There I stumbled upon the book 'Sweet Belgium', (weird to be in a Dutch bookshop to find a book about Belgian Sweets!) a little description:
Belgium is world famous for it's delicious chocolates, but it has many more sweets to offer to sugar lovers! Sweet Belgium pictures more than 150 sweets, with mouth watering photographs, nice descriptions (in 3 languages) and fascinating details. Give in to the temptation of waffles, chocolates, biscuits, cakes, pastries and many more...

I thought this book would be the perfect gift for Apple, the Chinese fiance of my brother. It's so cool to learn from each others food and kitchen! The first time we met Apple we overloaded her with Belgian chocolates :-) In return we get to know the real Chinese kitchen, and I must say, we like it!
Inside the beautiful bookshop

Some pictures of the book 'Sweet Belgium'