Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Sales Fairy

Glad I got my energy back today.
yesterday was a real zombie day...
The night before, Mies woke up at 4 o'clock and did not sleep anymore, and so did I....
But Hubby and Meron arrived and that made my day and gave me energy to make my sales fairy! (I will keep you updated about their Ethiopea trip soon!)
The day before I catched a sweet little 'sales bird' from Karuski.

And this is the one I made yesterday, she is leaving today for Budapest, because Krisztina managed to catch her!

Find the fun story about the 'sales Fairies' here.

This the story of my sales Fairy:

Sweet one winged sales fairy mobile
This sweet happy sales fairy will come fly to you all the way from Belgium.

It's a floral one,(or what did you think :-), adorned with vintage ribbons, lace and lovely buttons, also a bit wool felted balls are included.

She carries a fan, because she is a little shy (look at her reddish cheeks) sometimes she hides behind it.
Or is it her wing (she only has one, but that does not stop her fluttering and flying!)

Her shape is based on the shape of the Barbapapa's, but could be a babuschka too, or is she a little madonna? LOL!

One thing is sure, this dangling floral lady will lighten up your days with happiness and sales!

so catch her if you can!

(find more pictures of my sales fairy mobile here.)