Friday, March 26, 2010

EURO week Feature: Lapomme from Aigues Mortes

Today we meet the very Talented, Sweet Lapomme, find out below where she is from and what she has to tell us! The busy Lapomme has 2! Etsy shops:
- La Pomme. home décor items and fairytale
- La Pomme Vintage. pretty things from Franceplush
(the ring that Apol wears in the picture, is from the hand of Jealousydesign)

where are you from?
I'm from Aigues Mortes, a little village in the south of France. I live in the country, lots of birds, horses, and half-wild bulls in the area. We do things like go climb mountains where we find rosemary and thyme to take home and cook with. When it's the season, my husband cannot be stopped from harvesting bag after bag of wild leeks for eating at dinner even if often I have had enough!

- give a tip for a cool place we can't miss if we make a trip to your country.....
Know that France is not just Paris! This is something I share with fellow Etsy seller Blue Terracotta, who is based in Lyon, that when we're abroad and relatives or friends introduce us to other people, they'll say, "She's from Paris." It's amusing how in people's minds the capital equals the country. So my tip would be, after getting your dose of Paris, which I agree is a beautiful city, do try to visit other parts of France.

- name a popular artist (musician, rockgroup, actor, performer....) from France we just have to learn to know. describe in a few sentences...
Right now I am infatuated with the actress Marion Cottilard. She has an energy that attracts me, that is sweet, emotional, and intelligent, all at the same time. Then again, I think Cottilard is quite well-known all over the world right now, so for someone not so global, how about listening to the musician Benabar? I love how the French have this tradition of telling stories with their songs, which I think is quite different from the Anglo-saxon tradition of working more with rhythms and melodies. Benabar is a popular French musician who tells stories as he sings.

- what is a typical dish or sweet or dessert of your country?
There is so much good food around here, where do I even begin? I do love a good "soupe de poissons", which is a soup made from fish and eaten with slices of toasted bread on which you rub a piece of garlic, and then top with Gruyere cheese and a yummy sauce called "rouille." I don't cook it myself, but found this recipe if you'd like to try it out.

- describe you style of creations in a few words
I am still liking how my creations have been described numerous times: poetic. I aim to create things for the home that give a sense of magic and wonder to how we live, that for a minute make us daydream or, at the very least, that for a second make us smile.

My collection

I guess some of you already knew about my collection of Chinese tiger shoes.
(they are my inspiration for my cat brooches)
Sweet Rikrak has a cool article on Etsy's blog, about artists and what they collect!
I was so honoured when she asked me to tell bit more about my collection.
You can find all about it here

Thanks a lot Kristal, I loved doing this!!!
Rikrak has also an Etsy shop with beautiful limited edition patchwork accessories made out of vintage fabrics!