Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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Atelier XT Christmas trees
Little spool and fabric tree
Winter conifee
Wood (&wool) Christmas tree

Sinterklaas is off again to Spanje! Read the whole story about this European tradition here.
I always find it amazing how people are shopping for Sinterklaas presents, kids must be overloaded with all kinds of toys considered to all the parents you see leaving the toy shops with tons of toys and stuff! I am sure kids are already happy with some chocolates, speculaas, marzipan and one single toy!
hm... with Copenhagen in my mind... Isn't that also a way to save the planet: to be more sober and severe in our spendings...
Go for handmade and repurposed stuff!

So time to think about the Christmas Pimping! I found some lovely ideas on flickr!
I do hope I have time to make my own this year!
The kids prefere the real one: I think it has a bit an old fashioned look!
We have a tree in the garden who survived already for 3 years, so we'll dig it up again for this year, the kids will adorn it with the glittering balls that are now stocked up on the attic.

But I will make my own Christmas decoration too, one with recycled stuff...
to be continued...

Head over to Artminds blog to find more Mosaics!

Just want to show some pictures of my two youngest with Sinterklaas who brought a visit to school!