Tuesday, August 31, 2010


working on new things...

I hope
there will be
a little bit more time
for my creatieve vibes

There is so much in my head
and I need
silence and quietness
to concentrate and create

School starts again tomorrow
after 2 months of full house kids
there will be more
for me and my head full of plans ;-)

Monday, August 30, 2010

just wood, and a little accent

another one
in this 'light days' line,

and gorgeous fall tones: moss green and old rose.

Only one of each, so if you like it, don't hesitate!
find the necklace here in my shop.

Monday Moodboard

it looks like summer is really over
is it???

neckwarmer by Tricotaria
Inforno Knitted bag by Bluebelldesign
yellow acorns by Ashashtoys
Handmade garden bunting Europeforcharity

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Talent uit Gent

Elles de Koe
het eigenzinnige plattelandsmeisje uit de Designers
stelt haar eerste full collectie
voor in een pop-up store
in de Bennesteeg te Gent.
wees er snel bij , want zo'n pop up shop is maar heel eventjes open

hele leuke fotocampagne trouwens ;) (foto: Lieven Dierckx)

zaterdag 18 september tem zaterdag 2 oktober 2010, van dinsdag tot zaterdag, open van 10:30 tot 13:00; van 14:00 tot 18:30.

Just wood and a little accent

another one
in this series
I love making them
and I love the simplicity of them
most of them are one of a kind
so if you like it,
don't hesistate ;-)
(click on the pictures to go to my shop)

you can find more necklaces of this collection in my shop here.
and here.

a frog or a prince

we found him
in the backyard
under the wood

None of my
daughters was willing
to kiss him :-(

and I have my prince
18 years now.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

button Wednesday

{ Oh my love for buttons }

a new collection of button rings
the button is made of coco,
covered with a layer of enamel,
topped with a beautiful
lucite flower

{ NEW }

This is my stock
for the upcoming autumn fairs
but some are in my shop already.
you can find them here.
(If you see one that is not in the shop yet, just contact me ;-)

Want to see more button wonders, go to Kraplaps blog and share yours.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sandy Seashore

crocheted balls and rounds
the result
of some quiet moments
on my holiday in France
(kids in the swimming pool or playing with their newmade friends)

I had taken
some cotton in the colors of the moodboard I made before
but had no idea what to do with it...

the result is a mix and match natural necklace (horn, seeds, wood, cotton)
in saturated colors (sand, honey, lavender, sandal, chamois)
that brings a bit back from the warm summer days (it looks like they are definitely over now!)
My entry for the challenge of Rikrak: Sandy Seashore.

{ Dutch }

gehaakte bolletjes en schijfjes
het resultaat van een rustig moment
op reis in Frankrijk

ik had een paar bolletjes
in de kleuren van mijn moodboard
wist nog niet
wat ermee te doen

enkele bolletjes zijn nu verwerkt in een halssnoer,
verder nog:
hout, mooigevormde okerkleurige zaden en schijfjes uit hoorn
de warme, verzadigde kleuren (zand, lavendel, honing, chamois) houden de zomer nog even vast!

{ hmmm, herst en winter komen eraan
dus krijg ik weer volop goesting om
textiele sieraden te gaan maken! }

en toevallig
past dit snoer perfect voor de challenge van Rikrak: Sandy Seashore.

sky and drops of sea blue

it's a bit quiet here
I know
I am
working on new things,
making lists,
finishing the last orders,
coping with all sorts of household stuff....
refreshing my mind and my collection
and silver
and baking pancakes
with my little kids.
One more week
and school will start again.

Monday Moodboard

again a rainy day
in Belgium
looks like autumn has already started...
I have been searching for
some beautiful things
that autumn brings with!
just to cheer up!

scented plush apples by Lapomme
Autumn leaves bag by Ikabags
Miniature book necklace by Veterok
organic crocheted beads by threebluebee

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Friday, August 20, 2010


the flowers she carried reminded her of the places she'd left behind

she made wings of love letters and cherry blossoms

though evelyn knew the circus was her home sometimes late at night she would consider leaving

I love love love her work!
somehow it reminds me of the early work of Benoit

the Dolphin Whisperers

my eldest girls are back from their Dolphin camp,
they had the time of their life!

I am glad they are back home,
just, well, with the six of us!

My Friday Night Outfit

I am back!!
My friday Night Outfit

an outfit
I wish to wear myself
on my friday Night out!

Beautiful handmade or vintage stuff
combined with
one of my jewelry pieces.
Check out these beautiful accessoires and the shops behind!

The Village - Berry Crown by Blueberryshoes
Flowers on moss earrings in sterling silver By Fleurfatale
The Moss Bag- Knitted Bag With Leather Straps by Starbags
70s FIRE ENGINE RED vegan pip toe sandals 8 by AdrianCompanyVintage

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Winter will be here soon.. my creative workspace

Nathalie's collection
is in her shop already!

time for me
to design
some perfect accessories
to go with her collection!

Nahalie Engels
Onderbergen, Gent
opendeurdagen op
vrijdag 17 september (10u30-21u) en zaterdag 18 september (10u30-18u).

More creative workspaces on kootoyoo's blog.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

inspiring nature finds

can't help myself
a walk is not a walk
when I
haven't gathered
gorgeous nature finds
I found on my way

back home
I tried
something new
a white background...
It suits me :-)

These textures and colors
look very tempting
and inspire me
So I unburried my polymer clay stock
and maybe I'll try
to make some beads
by these finds.
I will post you soon
with the results ;-)

t'is sterker dan mezelf
als ik dingen
met een mooi vorm of kleur
dan moeten die mee
naar huis
een boswandeling
is geen boswandeling geweest
zonder vondsten

het is niet mijn gewoonte
heb het toch gedaan:
fotograferen op een witte achtergrond
bevalt me wel

Geïnspireerd door de kleuren en vormen
diepte ik mijn fimo ofte polymeerklei op...
we zien wel
of het iets wordt....
(bij Lotte demey kan je trouwens terecht voor een cursus juweeltechnieken met polymeerklei, zelf nog niet gevolgd, maar ik denk wel een aanrader!)

what the postman brought....

A big package arrived today...

oooo, hmmm, yummie leather scraps (thanks Hilde!)
can't wait to start this order,

but first things first
some other packages need to be send
by the end of this week...

I miss the sun
we had in France!

Monday, August 16, 2010

on a rainy day

so.....what to do on a rainy day....

packing lots of orders
to send to:
New York
Assebroek, :-)

and cutting leather brooches ;)
(for sale here my shop)

monday moodboard

Back home with a brand new Monday moodboard.
I have to get used
to the awful weather in Belgium...
I want the blue skies back!

Crushed Mustard, a scarf by LaTouchables
Spring Ballet 2 - Fine art photograph - Floral by JKphotography
cluster-earrings-sea-blue by Annarubyking

shy blue ring by ZSBcreations

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

inspiration in/from a shell

it happens me
when I am on holidays

after a few days
I am so relaxed
inspiration comes to me

then I am happy I brought some things
to create with
in this case
lots of
cotton yarn

I guess
I just have more time
to notice
all these little things
around me
I have them back home too
but there I am mostly
doing other things

My youngest daughter Mies
found this
tiny empty shell

just look at it
a little bit closer
how nature
makes the most
awesome colorcombinations...

by coincidence
I found these gorgeous handmade Raku buttons
from a ceramics artist
at Sarlat
can't wait
to finish
this necklace
back home!