Friday, May 28, 2010

A pie a week: salmon spinach pie

easy peasy, quickly made, child friendly, healthy and oh so yummie!
Ah well,
my four kids eat like wolves if I serve this pie.

you need:
premade french puff pastry
350 gr creamy spinach
200 gr slices of smoked salmon
150 gr emmenthal cheese
2 a 4 eggs
2 spoonfulls of mais (thickening) flour
pepper & salt

prebake the puff pastry (bladerdeeg) for 5 minutes in an oven of 160 °c.
put the slices of smoked salmon on it

make a mix of spinash, eggs, cheese and mais flour, pepper and salt
pour this mix on the salmon

finish with a handfull of cheese
and put in the oven of 180° for 25 minutes

no time to picture the final result,
The pie disappeared before I knew :-)