Monday, May 11, 2009


9th of May was the International Day of The Fair Trade.
For years me and hubby have been volunteers in the Fair Trade shop in Belgium and were engaged in all sorts of campaigns and demonstrations for development Cooperations with the South.
Oh, where are those days??? We have a bit calmed down on thes issues the last few years, having 4 kids and getting older :-))

Once my hubby let shave all his hair off for a campaing for the Tobin Tax .
Well, I did not go that far in my engagement!

So it's no surprise I do try to use Fair Trade supplies in my creations. It's all about suporting women in the South. I do not only try to recycle and repurpose things (into jewelry), but I do try to use stuff that gives a better live to those people from poor continents!
I use for example the Fair Trade silk that comes from Vietnam. (I bought it at Sjamma's, a fair trade shop in Ghent) The silver beads come from Ethiopea bought by my Hubby to local people in Jima and Addis...

And these are the results! New Silk Diva Necklaces
If you want to see more creations of Fleurfatale with Fair Trade supplies used in it, go here.