Saturday, April 4, 2009

A blooming colorpalette

Today it's my etsyversary!!
It's one year now since I opened my shop ,
I am preparing a give-away that I will post tommorrow on my blog, So keep in touch!

In the meantime I show you some new creations : the weather has been so beautiful lately, here in Belgium, and this reflects in the colorpalette of my creations. Fresh , happy and blooming colors: perfect accessories for spring and summer!

I have quite some magazines (about interior design and Fashion) that I just can't throw away when I have read them. There is sometimes amazingly beautiful photography, and I keep being inspired by it.
Now I found a great way to expand my own colorpalette: I let me inspire by some ads or pictures from magazines. I am very proud of the designs that turned out of it. I am sure I will never ever again throw away my magazines. This is a great way of reusing them!
You can find these new necklaces in my shop.
Or see more pictures in my Flickr Photostream.