Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Europe and Etsy

Fleur de toi necklace
ok, you already noticed: It's EURO week..... on Etsy
Euro sellers will be featured, Euro creations will be on Front page of Etsy.
Etsy, which is mainly an American Website, has so much Euro sellers and customers too! Etsy has now an office in Berlin(Germany) and will promote the 'Etsy handmade online market' in Europe.

During this Europe week I will feature some of my European friends
and I have a special promotion in my shop too!
With every purchase in my shop you will get a set of these 3 cards: (value $10)
Belgian customers can send me an email if they want to pay by bank account.

Japanese Garden earrings in Sterling Silver

La Soleil et La Fleur vintage button adjustable ring

Ophelia loves spring copper necklace

Queen of Sheba earrings in Brass