Thursday, February 25, 2010

NOT made in China

Guess what an indecent proposal I got today. I have been contacted by a Chinese firm. They studied my designs and proposed to make large quantities of my stuff for a competitive price. They can deliver within a week...
Can you imagine tons of my designs necklaces travelling the ocean in one of those huge containers? (probably made by teenage Chinese girls for half a dime in doubting and unhealthy circumstances)
I - certainly - NOT!

More then ever I am convinced to thrift, recycle and repurpose and to make one of a kind or small series of designs, like I always have done...
I know, that way, I will never be rich, and I am not good in big bussiness, but I love what I do and it makes me happy!

So hereby I want to thank my sweet customers and my EST and Etsy friends who are supporting my small handmade business!
I have said :-)))

This said, I want to mention a proposal which I am much more into!
The Eco webshop Kudzu asked for a bunch of my cat brooches, but they liked them to be made with ecological woolroving.(they even gave me the website where I could find that woolroving) I do like these kind of proposals!! Kudzu rocks!

So I am very proud to announce that my felted creations will now be made with ecological woolroving. I am very happy about it. What a great way to reduce my ecological footstep ( and the one of my customers!.)

In the meantime you can already find my fabric earstuds at kudzu's.