Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Secret Swap

the nicest ecological packaging ever!
Vintage wall paper, paper scrap butteflies and cute stamps...
I keep the packaging, just too nice to throw away!

A beautiful clutch in Petrol blue and merlot red with an amazing ochre handmade flower on it! I am impressed!
(this picture does not good to the beautiful colors of the clutch)

Such a cute and original brooches for my kids (but will wear them too as I am a brooch-addict) The Elk is my fav,....or is it the floral bear!! I love them!

My Secret Swap arrived!
Again, I have been spoiled! (and so are my kids!)
All the way from Finland came a beautiful package!
I like the way Minna makes work of her packages, all recycled stuff and yet so beautiful and so Karuski!

If you did not know her work, go discover Karuski's Etsy shop
Or follow her creative life on her blog.

thanks so much Minna!!!
Hugs and kisses all the way from Belgium!