Monday, June 7, 2010

Amsterdam Etsy meeting fun

Finally back, it took me 5! hours to get back in Belgium! and I had not taken anything to craft on the train :(
but I bought the FLOW in Leiden, so I had a great magazine to spend the time with! (look out for te next issue, there is a special about Etsy!)

ok, my pictures, that is what you are waiting for!

I was so happy that the very sweet Martice and her boyfriend ( offered me a place to sleep. But not only me, Anastacia (www.L' Brenda (www.L'ind├ę and Judit ( were my roommates! I could not have planned it better!

Marta took us for a walk through a very cosy and beautiful Leiden, and Judit just had to have her fish (maatjesharing) and her beer :)

Judit, taking the most incredible positions, just to shoot the perfect picture!
Brenda, admiring the vintage dutch stuff...

Marta was so kind to invite Mat (Etsy admin) for a very yummie dinner at the border of the Herengracht Canal in Leiden.

Cheese and Wine and funny stories of the very beginning of Etsy, and the weather was with us! (too bad Matt did not bring his guitar, lol!)

it was late late late, but well, how many of these warm long evenings do whe have over here (In holland and Belgium)?

A real Latouchables filled with euro's to spend on the fair :-)

Anna and her sweet sun Declan came to visit our booths (and so did lots more of fellow Etsy sellers)

Yes, that is Nicole of Babongo

Matt and me behind the booth of my very sweet boothbuddy Szusza from ZSBcreations.

Vadjutka's beautiful booth

Viltalakim organised a Felt-a-soap workshop at the meeting after the fair.
So we definitely went home with washed hands (and a sweet felted soap):-)

waiting for the late night bus in A'dam.

tired but still smiling!

glad to be home and make my kiddies happy with Sunday market Etsy presents!
(but that is for another blogpost)

pictures by me and Brenda (

Monday Moodboard

I am just back from Amsterdam where I had a great time with some of my Etsy Team mates.
So I featured some Amsterdam based designers that I saw on the Amsterdam fair.

cloud cards by mamutopia
little legs canvas by lauraamiss
art print by danakomjaty
porcelain ring by wijnbergendamave

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