Friday, June 12, 2009

My creative workspace : too much time....

The kids just left for a day trip with school, that means a have a full day for myself in front of me.
Pffff, too much free time;....don't know where to start,....
Maybe first take some pics of my latest creations, in my little photostudio: on my workdesk next to my laptop!
Then making some packages that have to fly out all over the world! I try to go green as much as possible and reuse the bubble envelopes I got some days ago (from supplies).

After that, mixing and matching some more rings and brooches with my vintage button collection and Japanese lucite flowers.

If you want a similar brooch , just lat me know!
ok, I keep you updated about my day,
it's already lunch time now and I spend too much time in front of my laptop!!!!
f you want to see more creative workspaces, just hop over to kootoyoo's blog.