Friday, September 4, 2009

My friday eve outfit

Autumn Dawn Stone-copper necklace by Fleurfatale.
The butterfly shirt by Gaiaconceptions 85$ , the wanderer skirt 72$
Mims Nap Sack/Shoulder Bag by Mimsmaine 89$
Verdigris cup ring by Mkaae

Hubby and I decided to hire a babysit at least one friday evening in the month,
Just to have some for the two of us!
Our Saturday is stuffed with driving the kids from one activity to the other: gym, music classes, Flamenco, clip dance... and sunday is mostly a lazy family day.
With 4 kids you have to watch out over your own free time,otherwise it goes up in all sorts of activites with the kids...
So why not reserve one friday eve in the month, just for the two of us: a dinner in a cool restaurant, a movie, concert or a theatre play.
It's not that we didn't do that, but why not make it a regular thingie?
And A friday night out claims a gorgeous outfit!

That's why I came up with the idea to make this 'Friday eve outfit'.
One of my jewels combined with some beautiful designs from other artists.


Time to show some new earring-designs.
click on the pictures to see if they are already inmy shop!

Mumbai collection
Coffee and teapot collection

Washi paper collection

Touareg collection