Thursday, July 8, 2010

sales 20 % discount! on everything in my shop

I bought a pair of shoes
half the price!
back home
I saw the color of one shoe
was completely faded :-(

they should have told me!
I remember...
in the shop
they took the other shoe
and put it immediately into the box!
they knew!:-(

I feel

so why do shops sales?
to get rid of the previous collections...
to make place for the new collections...
(winter collection already end of july, stupid!!!)

I decided to have a little sale too
not dumping prices
just a little (well little?) discount,
good for your wallet ;-)
and not too bad for mine!
and sure,
I won't cheat on you!!!
just a little treat for my customers.
and well, it makes room for new creations, can't wait!

so 20 % off
EVERYTHING in my shop

(I will refund the disount after purchasing in my etsy shop)

I listed lots of new stuff lately, so you'd better take a look,
and if you feel like,
spread the word!

(nederlandstalige lezers: stuur me een mailtje fleurfataleadlivedotbe en ik bereken de nieuwe prijs,
je kan dan ook betalen via overschrijving)

my lunch

Kids are gone
for a swim,
I just reorganised
the playroom
and gave the wooden floor a last wax

Now I deserve
a yummie lunch!

rucola from my neighbours garden
goat cheese
homemade bread
dried tomatoes in olive oil