Monday, May 25, 2009

me modelling ;-))

I know that most customers like to see how a necklace hangs , therefor I try to show a necklace always on my clothes-doll, ...
I like her a lot, she is my roommate, keeps me always company in the the moments when I am lonely ...... creating. (I must say I love her quietness, I just love it that we understand each other without words ;-))
But lately I took some pictures of myself, modelling the necklaces, just to show how nice they hang on a real body :-))
What do you think, are you more tempted to buy now, or not.... :-))
anyway, you can find these necklaces in my shop.
from left to right:
Underwater Love: Silk flower and beads on a copper chain.
Sweet Jane: Fuchsia Silk beads and truquoise touches... adjustable lenght
Lemon and lime: soon in my shop.
Pinkblush Blossom: linen flower on a copper chain.

4 joyfull days!

Etsy is down for maintenance, this gives me the time to blog about a long warm weekend :-)

Last thursday was a public holiday in Belgium, and hubby also had a day off on friday, so we had a looooooong weekend.

The weather was incredibly nice here , so this sunday I spend the whole afternoon enjoying the sun, the good weather gave me the good vibes to create some new designs :-) (I'll show you some pics tomorrow).

Saturday we spend the day with friends that we met years ago. It was our adoption procedure that brought us together. The waiting during an adoption is a very hard time, we met each other a lot then, we were like brothers in arms.... :-) Now we try to meet once a year as we are not living very close to each other.
See what a bunch of happy adopted kids we have now :-)

On Friday, We spent our day in Holland, in the Efteling, the kids had big fun,

So much fun that when we drove home, 3 of the kids just slept from beginning to end .
Mies, with the fairy crown, was watching children songs on DVD and sang out loudly, but the three others just went on with their very deep sleep! :-)