Sunday, January 31, 2010

more snow... and my weekend wish/work list

Again a snowy weekend here in Belgium.
I took the picture yesterday, but as I am writing this post, the snow is almost gone, melted away by te warmth of a beautiful sun this morning.

So what about my weekend wish/work list:

- Not to forget: laundry, laundry, laundry....
- Watching the movie 'Chocolat' with Maia, my eldest.
- doing some shopping with Veerle on sunday afternoon

The weekend was pretty busy, mister hubby in Barcelona and me driving kids from gym to music and dance lessons.
But I did find some time to work on a new order.
I made new 'Colliers de Papiers' with summer in my mind. Look how I repurposed these fashion pictures into pretty shiny color necklaces.
(take a peek at some more wish lists on Karuski's blog.)

Friday, January 29, 2010

My Friday Night Outfit

Into the woods adjustable necklace - textile jewlery by Fleurfatale
Cross Sweater in orange and garnet by Ninu
Mustard Yellow Chunkier hat by ileaye
Hip Pocket in Summer Squash Leather with Handcut Leather Cherry Blossom By Jennyndesign

It's been a while,
but here is a new Friday Night Outfit!
I combine one of my creations with some beautiful handmade stuff I found on Etsy or on the World Wide Web. I think mustard is rarely used but so beautiful!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


gedichtendag vandaag!
Bij deze een grappig schrijfsel van Tom Lanoye, met prachtige illustraties van Sabine Clement. Ik hou ontzettend veel van haar werk!
(klik op de foto's om te vergroten)

In het boek ‘Ik wil je’ staat de passie centraal, de passie die je vleugels geeft, maar die ook verschroeiend kan zijn. Sabine Clement uit Kortrijk vrolijkt de verzen op met tekeningen. ‘Ik wil je’ is uitgegeven bij De Eenhoorn uit St-Baafs-Vijve.

Poetry day today!
I found this nice poem with gorgeous illustrations. Sabine Clement is one of my msot favorite Belgian Illsutrators.
click onthe pictures to enlarge them

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Haiti Relief

picture rca102887
I could not be on the sideline in this, so from now on I will donate 10 % of the profits of my sales to the Haiti rebuilding project, In belgium this is Haiti 1212.
My two eldest girls saw the 1212 Haiti show on TV last thursday and they wanted to do someting too, one of our adoption friends Jamesson is from Haiti and he was a guest in the TV studio to tell about his biologial family in Haiti. So we really feel connected!
So my kids sended me to groceries for chocolate and cornflakes and on friday eve they made a pile of chocolate rocks. On sunday they sold them in the neigbourhood and earned 45 Euro, entirely for aid to Haiti! I love my kids!

my Benetton family :-)

An exciting experience for my four kids: they did a real fashion photoshoot, for the new opened kids fashion shop Guppies in my neighbourhood!
I posted already a picure of Mies, and now you can see a few pictures of the other kiddies Maia, Meron and Briek.
My Little boy is the long blond haired in the middle:-)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

photoshoot !

Toen een vlinder neerstreek
op een roze bloem in 't gras
zag ik
dat de vlinder bloem
en de bloem vlinder was

en dat ik in het een dat leeft
het andere herken
en dat ikzelf
een levend deel
van alle leven ben

gewoon, omdat ik dit een heel mooi gedichtje vind!

en misschien ook omdat ik wou dat er meer kansen en mogelijkheden waren voor kindjes met een beperking, in deze maatschappij die zichzelf voorbijholt.
hm, ik moest het eens kwijt :-)

*bedankt Nathalie dat ook Miesje mocht poseren voor de photoshoot van Guppies*

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Moodboard

Empty by Ischaphotography
Rainbow earrings by Kosmika
Granny Chic Handbag by Karuski
Beadwoven ring by GR8

A very busy weekend with lots of socialising lays behind me.
I am happy to be here now , on my own, complete silence.
I think a nap will do me good, just have to catch up some sleep!
Enjoy the EST-Monday moodboards!

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!!!!!, I am nominated for a handmade poppy by Poppytalk, a well known Canadian design blog collecting inspiration and promoting emerging design talent.
If you like my creations, please go vote for me here!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

more time, more sleep...

Weekend wishlist
(find some other weekend wishlists on Karuski's blog)

Only two things on my wishlist: more time and more sleep.
(I had two terrible nights (with too less sleep), I feel a wreck:-()

Last week:
I've been busy with orders(remember the recycled paper necklaces!)
made a bunch of Japanese garden earrings,
finally did some sales shopping in town (in a hurry)
bought these in olive green.
saw this 'moving' theatre play
catched up with a friend I had not seen for months
tried to find a nice holiday-place for this summer vacation

I truly wish I had more time to practice my metal class skills.
Hm, I need to investigate in some more tools too, and these are not cheap,...
I've been soldering lots of rings (little ones, bigger, copper, silver).
and I already assembled one pair of earrings with some rosey copper rings, I like the quirky rough touch of the rosey copper, a lovely contrast with the translucent aqua/teal/mint color of the agate stones.
Te earrings are in my shop now.
A matching necklace is on it's way!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Haven't found the time to show you this.
It's created for the Challenge hosted by Kreativlink "make something you never did before"
I made a journal.
This is the cover, I still have to finish it and make the inside.
The illustration is from a vintage 'Alice in wonderland' book I found at the thrift shop last week. The fabrics are all vintage. ANd I just love the stamp.

hm, this reminds me I have to pop in the thrift shop today, you never know which treasure I will find this time.

Friday, January 22, 2010

been busy

SWeet studs from vintage fabrics for Guppies.
I designed a whimsical card to pin them on.
New collection of etnic inspired earrings. soon in my shop

No friday Night Outfit today , I 've been so busy and have no time now, have to run in town for some shopping....
in the meantime I show what I've been busy with:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Playlist :-)


I'm caught in the flow of things
My memory's a broken machine
This is how my day begins
This is just one day unseen

Lets do it serpentine any time
Lets do it right here

It is bad that you're good for me
Did I love you just randomly?
I'm caught in the flow of sound
And you're just some melody

Let's do it serpentine, any time
Let's do it right here

There's a cute little litany
Put it on my shoulder
Eight o'clock and we agree
It makes me look much older

Got my clockwork company
Got my dark green trenchcoat on
I'm sure it will always be
Someone staying and someone gone

Let's do it serpentine, any time
Let's do it right here
Let's do it serpentine, I don't mind
Let's do it right here

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shop Update

New collection!
while sun was peeping through this morning, I managed to take some pics of new earrings, some of them are already in my shop, others will be listed soon :-)

Lilac and Dew Hoops in Sterling Silver
Aqua Luna hoops in Sterling Silver

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Moodboard: SALES

SALE/bow girl- clutch in quirky turquoise and red print by Karuski.
SALE Faceted Amazonite chain Hoop gold Earrings by Steinschmuckdsigns
SALE Turquoise Blue pendant by Karlita
WINTER SALE - Knit cotton skirt in blue, coral pink and floral print by TongbaiTatong


I hope you had a lovely weekend! So was mine!
Although my weekends are always full of kids( some friends of te kids came to play and to sleep in), I managed to have some things done. (like my 'colliers de papiers' in the previous post. I also gathered the material needed for the European Challenge (hosted by Kreativlink), but still have to finish this project today!

In the meantime my house is a mess. I decided to be blind for it and leave it all to the cleaning lady tomorrow!

And now off to prepare my week planning, I feel I need one, since I am selling now in 5 shops (including mine) there has to be some structure in my week!

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Les Colliers de Papier

It was a while ago. So I was surprised, but very happy with this order.
(and it's a perfect(ecological)way to get rid of my old magazines!)

This weekend, I mixed and matched some new 'Colliers de Papier'.
Look how these fashion pages turn into brand new necklaces!

Fun is that browsing my fashion magazines and looking at the pictures gives me inspirations and vibes for new colorcombo's and new summer designs!

Friday, January 15, 2010

all packed up....

... and ready to go to the Shop of Pascale & Nicole, in my neighbourhood(Karwij)
(but you can still order online too!)find 'the adjustables' here in my shop.

This is ony a selection, go look at the shop to find more choice!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

one silk tie - two necklaces

Jimma Necklace

purple river adjustabe necklace

lovely weather today, all the snow was melting away, the sun came peeping and I hurried taking pics!
This is the result of the tie where I put my scissors in: two textile necklaces, one is adjustable with a suede ribbon, the other is the one I showed in the previous post: a necklace of my Jimma collection.

My creative workspace

I decided to hop over, once in a week, to the thriftshop.
It's fun finding cool things that I can upcycle! I like the idea very much of giving a new life to thrown away stuff! and it's amazing how a color, a form or a texture of a find can give new inspiration :-)

so I turned home with:
- a book with linen cover O.50 Euro
That I used right away in my little improvised photo studio! This brand new Japanese earrings pair is in my shop already

- a vintage Children's book: Alice in Wonderland O.50 Euro
A little ceramic milkpot with nostalgic print of roses O.50 Euro
I'll show you later what I am up to, with these finds!

and a silk tie...
The silk tie already changed form:

I learned the technique (of making silk beads) from my dear friend Veerle from Nevousinstallezpas.
added some Ethiopean stilver beads, a beautiful turquoise stone, a verdrigris filigree bead, and handmade pure copper rings to make this beauty!

The Jimma necklace is in my shop right now!

find more of my upcycled thrifts here.