Friday, September 24, 2010

pimped or not...

The child in me
the beauties
I found this morning

I think
it's time
for a little
customer survey...
These buttons are so irresistable
that I just have to make rings or earstuds with them!
but I was wondering:
what do you prefer? (for a ring or earstud)
just the plain buttons
or the pimped ones (picture above)

Thanks so much for your vote!

Be my Button - thrifted treasures

what I found
this morning
on the flea market at Sint Jacobs
in Gent
a floral cookie box:
I fell in love right away
with the picture of
the daisy-rose bouquet in a clod of straw, with a skyblue clouded background lol;-),
so very very old fashioned, I love it!

But look
what was inside:

Vintage buttons!!
in beautiful designs and colors tones of blue, cobalt, moss, teal, olive, mustard...
me l!kes!

off to create with them!