Friday, November 20, 2009

My Friday Night Outfit

I haven't had much time lately, preparing for the fair tomorrow..
and again busy with all sorts of things; like meeting with teachers, therapists,..
but also doctor appointments, hairdressers, ...
Having four kids ( 2 of them with special needs) is really like running a little nursery...

so I just took a pic of my (real life) outfit today (and tonight).
(hm, I look a bit ecxhausted, don't I?)

Maybe I see you at the fair in Ghent...
If you are a follower of my blog, just tell me when you visit me at the Bazar,
I have a little surprise for you...

Bazar, 21 en 22 november in de Rudolf Steiner School Gent, Kasteellaan 54
21/11 van 11u tot 20u
22/11 van 11u tot 18u

Gent - Wie graag zijn kerstinkopen nu al doet, maar daarvoor liever niet naar de Veldstraat of een shoppingcenter rent, kan komend weekend terecht in de Steinerschool in de Kasteellaan in Gent. Niet alleen kan je er kerstcadeautjes kopen, er zijn ook doorlopend animatie en lekkere hapjes en drankjes voor jong en oud.