Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Button give away! (Be my button!)

Wonderful buttons,
these can be yours!
visit Tienes blog.

And go to Kraplap's blog for more about buttons!

Be my Button! the winner

Finally I have a winner! for this little give-away!
I asked Meron to wrote down a number from 1 to 22,
and the winner is :
Unfortunately An did not give the right answer :-(
The green buttons were similar!
don't worry An, I will send you a sweet surprise!
(can you drop your e-mail adress in the comments An?)

so another try...

according to my youngest (with chocolate mouth), this should be number 10!
So this time the prize goes to Petitplat! Grats Stephanie!
I'll make a brooch this week and show it on my blog,
before it's off to flower up Stephanie's jacket!

Keep popping in, because a new give-away is being prepared!