Wednesday, April 7, 2010

sun and daisies

Two weeks Easter holidays.
I hope I'll survive it!
We planned a lot, so I hope the kids don't get the time to get bored.
I do hope the weather is nice so there will be plenty of occasion to play outside.
And really I did not forget to plan some time for myself too. Having the kids around all the time, can be tiring :)
This afternoon the kids are out playing at friends,...

I am off soon (to do some shopping all by myself) but first I want to show something I have been doing yesterday.
I am sure you remember my felted Brooches, I was a bit bored making them, although lots of people like them, but I found another design and a great way to use my pile of vintage buttons :-)
It supposed to be an entry for the EST challenge hosted by Kraplap (theme : Button) , but of course I was too late to enter :-)
And while taking pictures I thought it would be nice as a postcard, isn' it?