Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Moodboard + Give Away

wetfelted candle holder in white and red by Viltalakim
Organza Flowers MINI RED POPPY by supplier
My little brd by MGmarts
silk crocheted necklace in white and other pale shades by Nevousinstallezpas

This weekend my brother Peter married his girlfriend Apple 丽华.
A romantic day in Yongji (China) with snow in the morning!
It was traditional Chinese wedding complete with a banquet, Chinese fireworks and the red enveloppes. It was practical impossible to be there, for us, but they will do it all over (in Belgian tradition then) when they come over at christmas :-)

They look so very happy in the picture I got, Apple is amazingly beautiful in her White Wedding dress!
I want to wish them all the luck in the world and inspired by this lovely Wedding I made a bridal moodboard today!

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and don't forget to go to the Hand made Europe Blog to enter my give away!
(to win one of my Silk Ladies!)

Friday, November 27, 2009


This weekend I offer free shipping in my shop! Take your chance for your Christmas shopping!
For those who don't know what to chose, I also have my Gift certificates. You can order them online or send me an e-mail (
Discover my jewelry collections here below (clicking on the link directs you to my shop!)
oh, and I add a sweet present with every purchase!

My Japanese Garden collection

Silk Lady collection

The African Touch collection

Textile jewelry


Oxfam Fair Trade fair on Saturday!>
On Tuesday I did some shopping too, As some of you know I am a volunteer for Oxfam Fair Trade, and I am responsible for the purchase of non food artisan stuff. Last tuesday I went to Fair Trade, a big retailer in Bierbeek (from Dutch Origin) to buy handmade goodies for the Fair this weekend: 'Wereldwinkel geschenkenbeurs'

De Wereldwinkel beurs gaat door dit weekend: zaterdag 28 november in de vrije basisschool, wegvoeringstraat, Laarne.
I stuffed my car full with Fair Trade goodies!

My Friday Night Outfit

I really don't feel black today, I feel Olive :-)))
Look here to find more Olive colored creations in my shop

Olive earrings by Fleurfatale
Sing a simple song dress by iheartfink
Vintage Maryjanepumps by decade
red dahlia- linen purse by Karuski

It's Blackfriday today:
Black Friday through Cyber Monday is a recognized shopping weekend that has quickly gained a reputation as the best time of year to find promotional sales on gifts for the holidays. As promoton I offer FREE SHIPPING in my shop!

For my 'overseas' customers: if you want to get your package in time for Christmas, please don't wait to order or purchase!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My creative space today

On my desk today:,
it took me a while to decide what I will work on, today!

- I have plans to make a girly earring collection (from age 8 till 15), I made some fabric studs to sell at the fair sunday and they were very popular, they were priced 9 Euro, and that seems a good price for these girls!

- I have to take up the making of teapot cards too, lots of people ask for them, but yes,... lack of time....

Some cat heads need to be pimped!

- I did made some Japanese Garden earrings yesterday, I gave them silver hooks and now have to put them on the paper tags.

and now I can fill the Japanese Washi rings with resin, kids stuff is all around here, so why not use the Play Doh clay to have a sturdy base for the rings :-))

- I also have an order for a Silk Diva Cascade necklace, so I could wet my hands today and do some felting....

- and finally I will make soup out of this lovely Pumpkin,I got from a very sweet friend, I'll blog about it later when I post the soup recipe!

- But I started cutting those butterflies, I 'tell you soon what I am up to with them :-)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The EST Salesfairies

My Sales fairy arrived in Hungary, I love her place at the window, I guess she has a great view on Budapest from there! (Wish I was there!)
Good Luck with her Krisztina!!!! (check out Krisztina's blog here. And especially this blogpost about recycling bubble mailers, cool idea for a better world)

The sales fairy I catched, arrived here too, have to look for a cosy place for her, she came all the way from Finland and was designed by a textile designer who's work I adore: Karuski!

She was so beautiful packed! Minna recycles her bubble mailers too and I must say : very well done! Yay for recycling and repurposing!
Also her packaging is so very her and my taste: vintage flower wallpaper stichted to a cute sack. Check out her work and packaging here.
Minna included a little goodie: some sweet vintage wooden beads! thank you sooomuch Minna!

doesn't she hangs nice here! I think she likes it here a lot, for a moment I thought she was whistling :-))

read more about the EST sales fairies here:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wide awake

pfff, Insomnia, I hate it!
One of the kids woke me up very early this morning, she is back to sleep, but my head is spinning and I can't sleep anymore!
This is the most early blogpost I ever wrote!

Lately I finished some more necklaces in the African Touch collection, a few are already listed in my shop!
A mix of
- Ethiopean silver beads
- handfelted wool pebbles
- Silk beads from repurposed ties
- recycled distressed wooden beads

find them here in my shop

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Moodboard

Back from the Fair, a lot of stuff to unpack , a lot of things to reorder, a lot of stuff sold, so Yay! another reason to create again!

And did you realize Christmas is coming near....
A little Christmas inspired moodboard today!

Ecofriendly Christmas cards by Thespottedsparrow
Sparkle and hoops necklace by Vadjutka
Misteltoe bobby pin by MGmart
Christmas ornament By Lapomme

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back from the Bazar!

A quick blogpost to thank all my customers who brought me a visit at the Bazar!
I am so happy with all the lovely compliments and the support! It motivates me to create :-)

My Japanese garden rings and earrings were a real hit at the fair! But also the Cool Cat brooches found many new homes :-)

So I'll be there next year, that is for sure!

My blurry head forgot to take my Gift certificates to the fair, so I want to mention them here again! They are in my Etsy shop, but I sell them also offline.

Voor de nederlandstalige lezers: ik heb ook geschenkbonnen te koop, die kunnen per e-mail ( aangevraagd worden en worden per overschrijving betaald. Wie de bon ontvangt kan online kopen in mijn shop, maar kan ook bij mij thuis langskomen om te kiezen en te passen :-) (en ik ontwerp ook op maat!) :-)

Friday, November 20, 2009

My Friday Night Outfit

I haven't had much time lately, preparing for the fair tomorrow..
and again busy with all sorts of things; like meeting with teachers, therapists,..
but also doctor appointments, hairdressers, ...
Having four kids ( 2 of them with special needs) is really like running a little nursery...

so I just took a pic of my (real life) outfit today (and tonight).
(hm, I look a bit ecxhausted, don't I?)

Maybe I see you at the fair in Ghent...
If you are a follower of my blog, just tell me when you visit me at the Bazar,
I have a little surprise for you...

Bazar, 21 en 22 november in de Rudolf Steiner School Gent, Kasteellaan 54
21/11 van 11u tot 20u
22/11 van 11u tot 18u

Gent - Wie graag zijn kerstinkopen nu al doet, maar daarvoor liever niet naar de Veldstraat of een shoppingcenter rent, kan komend weekend terecht in de Steinerschool in de Kasteellaan in Gent. Niet alleen kan je er kerstcadeautjes kopen, er zijn ook doorlopend animatie en lekkere hapjes en drankjes voor jong en oud.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How to : Pimp your Christmas Tree

Those dark rainy winter days have something positive too!
No need to go outside!, why don't you stay in the house and be crafty.
Adorn your house for the upcoming holidays: make it warm and cosy!
I found some great ideas for an alternative for the traditional Christmas tree!
Be inspired by these :

VT wonen

By Tanjamac

VT wonen

VT wonen

and what about these orginal Garlands, can be used in or out the Christmas tree or even to use as package ribbon! cool!

by Wrenhandmade

Recycled paper circles sewn on a cotton thread
by Kristinamarie

by 3girlsandagoat

By BumblebeeEnterprises

Simple Birds by Redorgrayart

Upcycled Reindeermobile by Babongo

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Flickr favs

1. pots & paints, 2. yellow lampshade, 3. Jana Janekovic love- home, 4. Mati Rose McDonough

Created with fd's Flickr Toys
A busy week lays in front of me, lots to prepare for the upcoming fair: 'Bazar' in Gent.

But also all kinds of other things are using up my time lately! (like organising little boys birthday parties, and other kids stuff).
I really have to catch up with my blogposts! There so much I haven't shown or told you yet!
- Lately the postman delivered some cool packages, some unexpected and surprising, some are early christmas shopping by me, some are just to spoil myself!
- Also hubby brought some cool Ethiopean stuff and stories!
- I still have to show pictures of my exposition weekend in Bruges
- I am preparing some ideas for Christmas decorating too
- ....

(and I'll try to catch up with all the monday moodboards today....

Hop over to Artminds blog to find some other great Flickr favs!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Mood board

Golden Brown:
Rosebud earrings by Leelabijou
Celestial Matryoshka Filigree Earrings by Jasminbochi
Four Army pattern Fabric Beads. 22mm by Isminisupplies
Dark Angel earrings by Aranwen

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bazar in Gent

Next weekend I am attending the Bazar in Gent, if you are from the neighbourhood, come and pay me a visit :-)
Volgend weekend vindt je Fleurfatale hier:
BAZAR in Gent op 21-22 november 2009.
Open: zaterdag 11u tot 03u zondag 11 u tot 18u

Traditioneel gaat in de Steinerschool de Bazar weer door. De ideale plek om al je kerstkadootjes ineens aan te schaffen, aan zeer schappelijke prijzen.

Maar er is meer!
doorlopend animatie voor groot en klein, vrij podium, kindertafel voor de kleuters, kunst, circusacts, het gele eendje, cadeautjes, sfeer, natuurproducten, biogroenten, houten speeltjes, leuke hebbedingetjes bij de vele winkeliers, soepconcert, kindercafe, eten met of zonder vlees, tapasbar, de lekkerste frietjes van het westelijk halfrond (en zeker daarbuiten!)visput, ambachten, naaimobiel, wandelende muziek.

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Friday Night Outfit

A little bit Bohemian today?
I guess it's allowed, especially on Friday the 13th.
In this outfit I'll take my bike and head off to the city, thrifting some cool clothes, old buttons, and vintage Tiny books.
Having a warm 'Gauffre Liegeoise' on the street and a yummie 'Latte macchiato' in a cool coffeebar.
Oh and on this Friday the 13th a cool creepy song in my ears on my way home :-)):
Anyone likes to join me?

Inspired by Frida Kahlo Necklace by Fleurfatale
granny tote in Jpanese SHiboro by Emishimosato
80s red riding boots by Boomboxblitz
70s Vintage Emerald Body Suit by Dalenavintage

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My creative space

A little bit back to business today, well, I hope so..., cause I have a terrible
headache! I must say it's kinda solved already,took some chocolate and did some online shopping, yes! that can cheer you up!

ok, my creatieve space today!

My gift certificates arrived (cadeaubonnen!) they look very good!
You can buy them online but poeople from Belgium can order them also by sending me an e-mail: (if you have questions about how it works, then send me an e-mail to, I will be pleased to explain you!)

Lately I bought me a filepin , there is also a little benchblock so I can use it for hammering. I plan to invest in a workbench and a torch, I feel I want to practice the things I learn in metal classes at home....

I have struggled some time with tagging my textile necklaces. As you know I sell them in some off-line shops too, and I find it important to hang a tag on them, whit my shop name and the price. But now I found these beauties and I am reallly happy with them!!!

In my search I found the most beautiful tags! Very usefull for giving a personal touch to your handmade creations! (or to hang on your holiday presents)
- some ideas
- stamp your shop name on it
- add a lovely note to the buyer
- stamp 'Thank You' on it
- or leave it blank, so the buyer can you it as a notecard to give the present
punch a little hole in them and choose a beautiful ribbon in the same colorshade.

by Lowfidelity

by Lilithevy

by Kapara

by sweetbeets

by Sarahsupplies

by Annarubyking

by Stuffmart

by Maythird

by petitepapeterie

by Whimsicalpaperdot

by jollyjenniffer

find some other creative spaces on kotooyoo's blog.