Saturday, April 17, 2010

a full Saturday

I woke up early today, with my two little kids,
I had a busy day ahead.
Jewelry classes in Antwerp with the talented jewelry designer Lotte Demey as teacher.
Learned a lot again, came home with many ideas, but a lot of practice has to be done!
I'll show you soon what I 've been working on.
For me it's luxury to be busy with metalworking and jewelrymaking from 10 AM till 4 PM, I wish I had more days like that, to work without being disturbed every 5 minutes!

Back home I shot some pictures for the Communion of my eldest daughter.
She is growing up a beautiful young lady, isn't she :-)

I had some time left to finish some pieces of my new eco-line (from leather scraps and sterling silver). (see pictures above and below)

And finally, I really hope that the volcanish ash cloud from Iceland passes over soon!
enjoy your weekend!