Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back from the Bazar!

A quick blogpost to thank all my customers who brought me a visit at the Bazar!
I am so happy with all the lovely compliments and the support! It motivates me to create :-)

My Japanese garden rings and earrings were a real hit at the fair! But also the Cool Cat brooches found many new homes :-)

So I'll be there next year, that is for sure!

My blurry head forgot to take my Gift certificates to the fair, so I want to mention them here again! They are in my Etsy shop, but I sell them also offline.

Voor de nederlandstalige lezers: ik heb ook geschenkbonnen te koop, die kunnen per e-mail ( aangevraagd worden en worden per overschrijving betaald. Wie de bon ontvangt kan online kopen in mijn shop, maar kan ook bij mij thuis langskomen om te kiezen en te passen :-) (en ik ontwerp ook op maat!) :-)