Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Shopping list

My shopping list is all about teenagers, ...
This afternoon I have to attend the Holy Communion Feast of my sisters eldest daughter Marie.
She is twelve. So I've been looking for presents that she would like to get. My eldest daughter, Maia , is almost twelve too. So I let me inspire by the things she has on her wishlist!

Peony flower clip by pbbflowers
Candy ink Mosaic hanging ball by Sigmosaics
Blooming Vine Scarf in Cherry by Fray
Mia handbag red flowers by emmapardos
Lily studs coral by Karuski
White bunny bookmark by Krize

And I've been browsing my own shop too, to find stuff teenagers would like to wear.
It made me think maybe I make a teenager section in my Etsy shop. For creations that are a bit more whimsical and not to expensive, perfect for teenagers!
Click on the links to go to the shops.
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