Friday, April 30, 2010

het melkmeisje - a custom order

When I got this beautiful antique medaillon, it reminded me immediately of a well known painting of Johannes Vermeer: Het melkmeisje.
maybe the colors did it : yellow and blue
or was it the cap of the maiden (although in the painting she wears a white cap)?
or the little flickerings of light you also find in the painting?
Anyway, it was love at first sight :-)

I had to think of a design that did totally right to this gorgeous medaillon: a simple but strong design with timeless materials: lapis and onyx.
these are some photos of the progress, but you can find the finished necklace on the blog of Saskia.

The necklace is a heritage of Saskia's grandma and I it was really a great joy to give it a new live, I think grandma would be very happy knowing that Saskia is wearing it now!

Toen ik dit mooie antieke hangertje in handen kreeg, moest ik direct denken aan een heel bekend schilderij van Johannes Vermeer: 'Het melkmeisje',
warenhet de kleuren misschien : Blauw en geel, of was het het kapje van het meisje (alhoewel het melkmeisje een wit kapje aanheeft) of waren de kleine lichtflikkeringen die je ook in het schilderij vind... die het deden...
Hoe dan ook, ik vond het een prachtig hangertje.

Ik heb nagedacht over een design waarin de hanger het meest tot zijn recht kwam: sober dus, mooie, sterke, tijdloze materialen, zoals lapis en onyx...
En ik kon gewoon niet anders dan blauw gebruiken,zo kwam het hangertje ook het best tot zijn recht!
Saskia kreeg dit hangertje van haar grootmoeder.
Ik ben er zeker van dat Saskias' grootmoeder best trots zou zijn wetende dat haar kleindochter dit hangertje opnieuw draagt

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Be my button.....

new thrifted vintage buttons
not one is alike
oh,... are there?

I'll make a fun flower brooch for
who finds the two buttons that are the same :-)

just leave your comment and I'll chose one winner between the right answers.

find more button-creations on Kraplap's blog!

Touch of Tape

very simple,
I don't like overload with too much tape
2 little pieces on a box,
and the box is pimped!

I love Japanese paper tape!

My creative space

I did,
I cleaned up my workspace,
I sorted out my stones
I rearranged my racks...
it looks quite organised...
but not for long, I am afraid....
I think I need chaos, to be creative :-)

find more creatieve workspaces at Kytoyoo's blog

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Fruiteaters

I love this invention,
maybe it exists quite some time,
unfortunately I found out about it only a few weeks ago at Hema.
You bet I can use this tool!

did you know that each week we eat:
5 kilos of apples
1 kilo of oranges
1 kilo of kiwis
2 kilos of pears
2 kilos of bananas
and then I did not mention the variables: grapes, mango,melon, peach,...

next time the chocolate stats :-)))

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dirty job

Days are too short.
well, you know,
my big family
and a head full of ideas.
So, slowly I am making progress in my metalsmith work.

and, well,
it is a dirty job,
the sewing, filing and sanding does definitely not good to my nails and hands,
but I love it,
and nice things come out! :-)

I will keep you posted!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Moodboard

Twirly roses skirt by Queennefertete
My little buird, adjustable ring by MGmarts
Small coin purse - lovely red and orange flowers by Sofiasobaide
Wild flower by Aliette

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

her day and Kokeshi dolls

A busy weekend lays behind us,
my 12 year old had her feast on a very beautiful sunny day.
She was overloaded with lovely presents:
- some money to save for her first (adult) bike,
- her very first 'adult' perfume :-)
- a pile of tickets for the movies
- very sweet and lovely wishes from many friends
- and a lovely cushion (which she had an eye on for some time) from us :-)
made out of a sweet japanese kokeshi doll fabric.

The cushion is made by a talented lady in our neighbourhood, she recycles old stools into new, beautiful pieces:have a look at her website Les feauteuils de bonheur!

Maia (my daughter) is a big fan of Kokeshi Dolls, a Japanese wooden character doll.
Kokeshi dolls are originally from Northern Japan. They are handmade from wood, have a simple trunk and an enlarged head with a few thin, painted lines to define the face.

The body has a floral design: kimonos, and other traditional patterns covered with a layer of wax. Colors used were red, yellow and purple.One characteristic of Kokeshi dolls is their lack of arms or legs. The bottom is marked with the signature of the artist.
As all the dolls are hand painted, no two faces are alike. This is perhaps the greatest charm of the Kokeshi. Some dolls are whimsical, happy and smiling, while others are serious.

Fatal Orchid

Fatal Orchid sterling silver necklace

I love working with silver lately, my graphic background reflects a bit in these designs: I draw the designs by hand and sew, solder, sand and hammer them into new jewelry pieces! this one looks a bit like an orchid to me!

Already in my shop

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Come one Barbie, let's go Party! My Secret Project

Lately, I am working on a new 'secret' project,
a kind of project that will make our world a little bit better :-)

and therefor I am looking for Barbie shoes,
all kind of Barbie shoes:
high heels,
Mary Janes,
flip flops,
They don't have to come in pairs, also the lonely ones are very welcome!

If you can help me, please contact me at:

Flickr Fav: pimping the house

1. pip, 2. Untitled, 3. mobile, 4. grey, grey, grey

Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Next saterday we have a party for Maia's Communion,
lots need to be done this week
cleaning our house
grocery shopping
pimping the house and the garden
polishing our shoes :-)

I hope she likes her feast a lot!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Moodboard: clouds...

Free as a bird: brooch by happyment
needlefelted peach spring cloud with hummingbird by Atelierpompadour
Cloud bib necklace by loveanddream
Cloud cards by Mamutopia

What did you think,
my moodboard is all about clouds!

I am so hoping that Europe's sky can my opened soon
as lots of parcels lay waiting to be shipped to my Europe and USA customers.....

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

a full Saturday

I woke up early today, with my two little kids,
I had a busy day ahead.
Jewelry classes in Antwerp with the talented jewelry designer Lotte Demey as teacher.
Learned a lot again, came home with many ideas, but a lot of practice has to be done!
I'll show you soon what I 've been working on.
For me it's luxury to be busy with metalworking and jewelrymaking from 10 AM till 4 PM, I wish I had more days like that, to work without being disturbed every 5 minutes!

Back home I shot some pictures for the Communion of my eldest daughter.
She is growing up a beautiful young lady, isn't she :-)

I had some time left to finish some pieces of my new eco-line (from leather scraps and sterling silver). (see pictures above and below)

And finally, I really hope that the volcanish ash cloud from Iceland passes over soon!
enjoy your weekend!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lost Things

Written and directed by Angela Kohler and Ithyle Griffiths
Music by A Fine Frenzy.

for tough girls

Flowers for your hair!
Recycled Leather can be sweet isn'it?

La Tulipe

I have been following metal classes for half a year by now.
Quite an organisation, as it takes place every monday evening. (and it's not in my neighboutrhood)
Anyway, Mr Hubby, the kids and I finally have found a routine in this: monday evening is my eve!
The metal class is all about techniques: soldering,filing, sewing,..
Fact is, I have to buy supplies and work tools one by one, as this is not the cheapest stuff, but I need them to work at home and to give form to my many ideas...

I really don't know where this classes and skills will bring me, well, we'll see,
The design above is an entry for the european Street Team Challenge hosted by Szusza of ZSBcreations with the lovely theme: Tulip!

The necklace is sterling silver and in my shop right now!
Go find some other beautitful Tulip entries on her blog.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

pimping my wall

I brought this beautiful blossom sticker
from my Maastricht visit last year.
I don't remember the shop, but well, Maastricht is so small,
if you are there,just stroll around and you'll find it :-)

Finally it got a place in my house.
and it makes a nice match with my Leilaliloo print, for which I still need a frame.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The thriftshop had some nice surprises for me!

would this probably make a nice combination?

Flickr favs: happy days....

My days are full lately.
kids are home.
still holidays.
they take up lots of my time.
But I don't mind
we had a lot of fun lately :-)

These happy days are filled with:
healthy food
rain and sun
positive feelings

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Monday, April 12, 2010

simply bloom

I am working an a new line of leather flower necklaces: combined with sterling silver.

a little glimpse of my new collection: 'Simply Bloom'

*do you remember these ones?.
and these?

Monday Moodboard

pebble ring by Annarubyking
Spiral ring by Nafsika
Ruffle ring by Evrydiki
Moonland ring by Jealousydesign

Moonland ring by jealousydesign

I've been working on a sterling silver ring lately,
I am following lessons from this talented lady, will show you my attempt soon.
In the meantime I show you those 4 beauties of my European friends.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

an impression

I've been working on new things lately,
my head is full of ideas
But I can let them only go one by one and slowly
as there is much other things in my head too...
A little impression...
will tell you more about it later...

Friday, April 9, 2010


I love using vintage buttons in my creations.
Can't be on any thrift market without bringing new old buttons home:-)

Here I combined with felted (from eco merino wool)pebbles, ethiopean silver beads distressed vintage wooden beads and beads made of a silk tie.
Natural,earthy and ecological!
I bought this horn button a while ago on a thrift market in Ghent,
it's a rough one, but I like that!

Do you want to know what Lady Gaga has with buttons?
Then quick hop over to Kraplap's blog:-)