Saturday, June 19, 2010

My red-blue mood

something red
something blue
something old
something new

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Inspired by Frida Kahlo Necklace

Little mermaid earrings in Sterling silver

Floating Flowers earrings in sterling silver

Etsy birthday craft party at Mitsy's!

How Etsy makes me do things I never did before in my life:
- I went to Hasselt
- I worked with porcelain paper clay
- I ate salmon lasagna with 'raapjes'
- I ate bonbons especially made for the wedding of the Swedish Royal Wedding
- I ate muffins with raspberries that I saw on Facebook the day before!
- I toasted with a glass of 'Groot Geluk'
- I slept on the train

and all this
in the good company of these sweet ladies:
Kim, Ina, Marianna, Mitsy, Veerle, Nicole and Annemiek

See you next year at the craft party in Ghent, girls!

(and to give this day a perfect finish,
Mitsy (and Martha) prepared a gift bag for us all, but that is for another blogpost!