Monday, March 23, 2009

shell of my childhood....

The new Challenge theme of the European street Team challenge is this time 'back to your childhood' hosted by febystandesigns.

Graving in my memories I found this old box with my old shell collection. When I was a child we often went to the seaside on holiday , with mum, dad, my brother and sister (not the Belgian coast but the French one) I did not like to swim, did not like the salty taste in my mouth, and while my brother and sister were building sand castles I roamed on the beach looking for little treasuries, I enjoyed collecting shells, and it never stopped, even now if I am on a beach I am always looking for those beautiful treasures of nature!

I took one of this beautiful shells with a gorgeous colorpallette (deep orange and shades of lilac purple, a beauty!) and tried to match with semi-precious stonesn dangling on a handfelted choker.