Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I heart you!

I found this sweet heart in this lovely shop in the jan Breydelstraat in Gent (beter bekend als "het Jan Breydelstraatje", :-))
You can find the beautiful creations of Leililaloo and Ninainvorm in this shop too!
Cool detail, the heart was made out of old wood from the house of the shop lady.

A lovely heart to use for the Photoshoot for Maia's communion....

thrifting my interior

I found these cool seats at the local thrift shop, 10 euro for all of them! Yay!
If I ever find the time I will paint them white.

well, I know, only four them
not enough for the six of us,
but I just could not let pass that bargain :-)

A teaparty

Get dressed for a a teaparty with
Rose tea and Framboise muffins.
(Queennefertete - cookoorikoo)

Or shall I serve
apple tea with butter cookies?
(Deerlola - Iheartfink)

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