Friday, March 27, 2009

My creative workspace

Lots of projects today.
Still have a sick little kid at home, but I finally could get a babysit to take care of her,
now there is some time to finish the piles work of the last few days.
(Ah well, laundry and cleaning is for the weekend,...)
first the creative part!
my new cards arrived, doesn't they look wonderfull....

arranged the new embellishments for my packagings ... and stamped cards...

Need to make new necklaces out of these sorted beads...

For a project in September I decided to let me inspire by fairy tales,
I started a little 'alice inWonderland' collection, and enjoed coloring the cabochons with shades of verdigris, olive and turquoise....

OMG!! where to begin????
(want to see more creative spaces of others artists have a peep at kootoyoos blog)