Saturday, October 31, 2009

a bunch of Silk & felted Diva's

phew, I almost finished a custom order!
now packing to be shipped!
When I am busy with the beautiful colors of merino wool, some new color combinations pop up in my head, so I made some more chokers and felted balls to create new Silk Diva's for my Etsy Shop: you can find them here.

And these are my new 'textile jewelry' pouches, made of repurposed linen and a fabric flower! Every necklace of my 'textile' collection comes to you in this fabric pouch.

Friday, October 30, 2009

My Friday Night Outfit

Check out these gorgeous clothes and accessories!
Mountain River textile necklace by Fleurfatale
Brown and Purple dress By Joclothing
Shoes by Anthroplogy
- The Bean Bag - in dark brown by By thongbaitatong FREE SHIPPING !

Today it's 7 years ago my father died. I remember it as if it was today. His last breath. I am glad that the fog of this morning is slowly disappearing. Think I will go for a walk this afternoon and let my thoughts go to all the good memories I have of my father.

Vader en dochter/Herman De coninck
'Slaap maar,' zeg ik
tegen een dochter die allang slaapt
en daar wakker van wordt.

Het onweert. Misschien wil ik wel
dat zij bang is, dan kan ik vader zijn.
Maar ik kan niets anders dan samen met haar
niets kunnen.

Zoals woorden. De dingen gebeuren.
Zonder woorden zouden ze ook gebeuren.
Maar dan zonder woorden.

~Herman de Coninck

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy customers

I am always superhappy when I get a lovely feedback from a customer.

and reading these blogposts really made me blush!:
Carmens Beads

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mustard, saffron and cinnamon...

Yesterday I went shopping in Gent, needed some felt supplies urgent!
(and as you see on the picture, I definitely need more sleep and a new haircut too! :-))
I found this leather rose brooch in Veritas, couldn't resist it! Love the
color! it matches my shoes!

I looove this new fal colors and used the orange-mustard (or is it honey) in some new designs! Mustard is the new color this winter, combines perfect with aubergine, purple,lavender, lilac and sea blue!
Mustard is a color that resembles culinary mustard. It is similar to the color Flax. This color was very popular during the mid-1970s and now t is regaining popularity!!
The Mustard color is also similar to:
- the color Flax (the color of Flax seeds), also know as Goldenrod
- amber
- saffron
- cinnamon
oh, and what a bout caramel?

The tattoo beads are vintage, I bought them years ago on a thrift market in France and found them back on the bottom of an old box on my attic! I am glad they found a new life as earrings in my Etsy shop!

Tattoo Tribe mustard earrings

La Feuille Caramel - Necklace

and a little note for my sweet blogreaders who left a comment in the previous blogpost.I feel so happy with your comments on the issues of Downsyndrome and regular public school. It fills my heart with warmth! thanks!
And such a contrast with the radionews I heard yesterday where 70% of the radio listeners (Studio Brussel) voted for 'no kids with down in the regular schools'.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Flickr Favs and my happy bunch of kids

1. 44detail, 2. heels ober head, 3. Glass pendant, 4. yellow aqua details

Ok, I found my energy back, (maybe it has to do with the beautiful weather this morning and after a refreshing bikeride to school with my kids) I can only hope it lasts... :-)

Quite a happy Mosaic, maybe I was still in the happy mood of last sunday, the pictures show how much fun we had with the kids at the playground. And I can tell you I am so happy to see how my eldest kids are helping my little one who is a bit disabled. That is the spirit!

The last days there is a lot of commotion in Belgium concerning the following theme:
'do kids with Down Syndrome have the right to attend a regular public school'
I say YES! Kids with Downsyndrome live in a 'normal' family too, so why can't they go to 'normal' schools then. Lots of opinions are based on prejudices!
I think government should give more facilities to teachers with a kid with Down in their class. !

Hop over to Artminds blog for more Flickr Favs!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Moodboard

Another Monday , another moodboard!
- I am busy packing the orders from last weekend,
- have an appointment with teacher of Mies
- some 'urgent' paper work to do
- custom order to finish
- check my mails
- trying not to panic about the chaos in hte house and in my head!

So don't have much time, but a moodboard, there must be!
and this time a 'zen' one that can give me the 'relax' I need now!

Check out these lovely creations of my EST friends
Easy living - papier mache necklace by Happyment
The cutest bag - multicolored by Staroftheeast
felted Scarf by karlita
Beret Style Slouch Hat by Tortillagirl

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

EST challenge and WEEKEND DEAL 15% off everything

Fairy Dream earrings

Dark Elfin Earrings

I did find some time last week to participate in the EST challenge.
This is a challenge of the European Street Team, every week, one of the members choses a new theme. It is a way to keep us creative and to discover new ways of inspiration. Every member is free to participate!

This week the theme was trolls, gnomes and... Elves. Hosted by Jealousydesign. (find her shop here.)
I am not so troll minded and as my designs are usually very feminine I chose for the Elves! But I came out with a 'troll' desing too, well I gave it the name 'dark Elfin' ;-)) They are both in my shop.

My Japanese garden earrings are back, find them here in my shop.

Alos Silk Lady Lady is back in my shop, lilac silk and turquoise stones on a copper chain! find it here.

This weekend I have a special promotion. Everyone get 15% off the entire order!! (I refund after purchase)
Maybe time to do already some Christmas shopping!
(voor Belgische klanten, mail me:, ik geef je de prijs in Euro door en mijn

Friday, October 23, 2009

My Friday Night Outfit

I am late with my FN outfit, I know. I have been busy listing lots of new things in my shop. This weekend I have a special promotion. Everyone get 15% off the entire order!! (I refund after purchase)((voor Belgische klanten, mail me:, ik geef je de prijs in Euro door en mijn
Quite a deal, so be quick , some designs are one of a kind or limited edition. Go take a look in my shop.

My Friday Night outfit is a colorful one this time, a happy mix of beauties!
Short dress and coat by Nathalie Engels
Petites Turquoises by Fleurfatale
The Flapper, fringed clutch by Ruju
Textile ring by Karlita

And have you seen my latest treasury? The collection made the Frontpage of Etsy!
Grats to all featured!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

quiet blog, busy workspace

I know it's a bit quiet on my blog lately...

Well, I feel terribly tired these last three days :-(
The exposition weekend took so much of my energy...
On monday eve I had my goldsmith classes and on Tuesday eve I follow a course 'drugs prevention, guidelines for parents'.
So when hubby came home from work I had to leave and the next day it was not else...
I hope hubby is early home from work this evening, at least then we will have some time to talk about the past weekend (him in Sardinië, me in Bruges)....

I just baked a pile of pancakes with a little help from my son. 4 hungry kids and half an hour later nothing is left ...

and I have taken pictures of some new designs, again inspired on the colors and clothing of The Hill Tribe people in Vietnam (from which my Vietnamese daughter originates. Some of them are in my shop right now!

But I have been working on a big order too. Have a little patience, I will show you soon what a lovely Belgian lady (who now lives in Canada) ordered to sell in her Canadian shop ;- )

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Moodboard

Once upon a time....
Little red riding hood put on her lovely red leaf studs, and accompanied by a whistling winter wren she went into the dark misty wood to pay her grandma a visit!

She took her lovely petit gressier bag in which she carried a bottle of wine, some cookies and a pair of lovely vine earstuds as a present for her beloved granny.....

I am free today, don't have to bring my daughter to the therapy, as they are going to take a walk in the woods today with the school, ths inspired me, to make this Little Red Riding Hood collection, Roodkapje in Dutch :-)

Le petit chaperon rouge - digital art Print by Matilou
Vintage Leaf Ear Studs by Sumikoshop
Ornithology Plate Series - the Winter Wren LIMITED EDITION by Mirthquake by Lilarubyking
MADE TO ORDER - Large Cressier Pick Your Favourite Burlap Colour by iragrant

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Friday, October 16, 2009

My Friday Night outfit

I found this amazing top and boots and combined them with my 'Fleur Noir' necklace and a pair of lovely mittens.
find these beauties here:
- Lady Noir Necklace by Fleurfatale
- candy apple equestrian boots by Thrush
- red gloves by Afra
And for my European readers: it was never so interesting to buy on Etsy like now!
because of the low Dollar rate! Think of it while doing your christmas shopping :-)
have a nice friday and a lovely weekend !
Welkomin Brugge!
Tijdens het weekend van 17 en 18 oktober vertoef ik terug in Brugge, (Singel 15)samen met laurence Kalman en Jean Bernard Boulnois toon ik mijn nieuwste creaties.Laurence toon er haar Lampekappen en JBB zijn schilderijtjes.Maak er een dagje Brugge van en Kom zeker eens kijken! Je kan dit weekend ook bij andere kunstenaars gaan gluren! Je kan zelf een wandelroute bepalen en zo meerdere ateliers gaan bezoeken.vind meer op Klik op de naam in de lijst en je vindt op de kaart waar het atelier zich bevindt.enkele aanraders zijn ook:- familie Boudens - papierschepperij Piet Moerman- Bruno van Dycke(je vind mij onder mijn échte naam: Greet Tanghe)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My creative workspace (cold and frosty!)

We woke up to a frosty morning, but decided to beat the cold and packed ourselves in mittens, hats and shawls to bike to school!

And with the cold days to come, I feel more like felting, so soon The Silk Felted Divas will be back in my shop, well, you find already some here!

Lately I made a custom order for a sweet lady. She asked to make a felted necklace in greys,
hm, quite a challenge for me as I am a color girl!

But it turned out very well, and I decided to have one more in the shop!

Want to show your creative space? Hop over to Kootoyoo's to play! It's fun! :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Inspired by nature

Back to nature necklace, in my shop.

Hubby is off to Sardinië for a congres, ...I always feel lost when he is gone...
But I am glad time will go fast as I have lots of work preparing for the 'open House' in Bruges.
Babysits are already reserved as I can't take the little kids with me the whole afternoon on saturday and sunday,
hm... don't know yet how I will manage the rides of the kids to gym, dance lessons and musical lessons on saturday (all different places and hours :-(....we'll see...

But it is wednesday today and I made it myself easy : I just put a ready made lasagna in the oven , kids like it and for me it's no work :-)
The weather is fine, hope to take some pictures of new designs.

And I managed to list some new things in my shop.
A new necklace for the Challenge theme: 'back to nature' hosted by Ravenhill, you can find the other entries on her blog.
Not difficult for me to be inspired by the shades of fallen leaves, peeping mushrooms and the last few orange sunrays falling through the branches. I just love this season !

And a necklace in my Japanese garden line, with Japanese Washi paper.

Japanese garden necklace, in my shop.
click on the pictures to go to my shop.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

hunting for leaves

I should more take my camera with me.
Daily I stumble opun things worth photographing. But I only have a small little camera, and it's my daughters, since my Nikon Coolpix gave up!

Photographing was my first love, I took classes from my 14th till 18th and then I went to art school with 5 hours photography each week.
I am so happy I can use these skills in my shop and on my blog right now, only, i should need a bigger and better camera....
Sigh, I wish Santa Claus would stop at my door too :-)
BTW: Have you seen my new shoes? I looove that mustard and turquoise blue combination!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Moodboard

Textile jewelry - red ring with white polkadots by Karlita
Journey Bag, a Wristlet/Clutch/Pouch by Latouchables
Mushroom felted beret by Ingermaaike
wool felted mushrooms by stemellina
Scandinavian Matryoshka Art Doll - Fru Larsen by Ravenhill
Amigurumi vegetables -carrot and mushroom by sabahnur

I brought Mies to her therapy today. Near the building there is a little parc and last year I found some Gingko leaves there. I wanted to collect some new leaves for making pictures and as Etsy was down for maintenance I had time to do a little walk in the parc, there I found the theme for my monday moodboard:-)

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Saturday, October 10, 2009


I offer Free shipping on all my necklaces this weekend!
find them here in my shop.
just add Weekend sale in your comment while purchasing, and I will refund the shipping cost!

Friday, October 9, 2009

My Friday Night Outfit

Yesterday evening I made my first nuno felted scarf!
I think I did well for my first attempt! I was very happy the scarf was dry this morning so I could put it on biking the kids to school. Hubby said he liked the 'tree' colors (boomkleuren.
I followed nuno felting workshop at Karwij, in my neighbourhood, unfortunaltely I forgot to take my camera, so you can only see the result. (meer workshops van Karwij vindt je hier.) De lesgeefster was Linda Dhont van Elledee.

I found some cool accessories to go with my scarf:
La Feuille Noire by Fleurfatale
moss & purple nuno felted scarf by fleurfatale
Eva- framed tweed evening bag (on Sale) by CuriosityKilled
River Flow Ring by Glasfaden

Thursday, October 8, 2009

my creative workspace

I've been working on a custom order lately!
I am making a bunch of Japanese garden earrings, it seems they are well liked!
The great news is that I made some rings with the japanese design too, the first one turned out very beautiful!

and I finished a new necklace. Inspired by the roots of my second daughter, I called the necklace after the Ethiopean city where Meron was born! (and which she will visit in about a month).

Jimma necklace is now available in my shop!

It seems like autumn shows its darker side: it's has been raining for 3 days now and the sky is so dark, I just can't take any pictures, I have to hurry taking some every moment the sun peeps through the thick blanket of clouds!
Sigh, I really have to invest in some light bulbs....

Want to show your creative space? Hop over to Kootoyoo's to play! It's fun! :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How to store your jewelry part 2

It's not always easy to storage your jewelry in a cool way when you are at fairs.
The last fair I attended I had to deal with a table that was to small, maybe next time I bring an extra little table with me?
These are pictures of how I present my jewlery, but believe me, I can improve!
For my earrings I use a kind of big bamboo hats that one put over a bowl of fruit, I have them in White and black.
My rings are presented in a cute vintage childrens shop.

I browsed for some new ideas about the storage and presentation of my jewelry
and as a lot of us are attending some upcoming Christmas fairs, i found it interesting to share these ideas with you!
In this post I show some great finds: if you are not that handy yourself, then you can now invest in some cool displays!

Put a nice cool branch sticker on a wooden plate, chose the color who matches your shop and your jewelry!
Bird on Branch wall sticker by Lovesticky

what about hanging your stuff on antlers, these are made of resin and ready to use!
DIY antlers by Brighnasa

Another great sticker to put on a wooden plate, hammer some nails on the arms of the chandelier, and you have a cool necklace-display!
Chandelier Vinyl Wall Decal I Wall Sticker I Wall Design from Lovesticky

These handmade Jewelry Tree is made of copper wire settled into a wood base with a black finish. Very stylish!
Jewlery Tree display by Huremovic

Rustic ring holder by madeinthehv

a vintage display by ashleihjames

You can put a big wall sticker onto a wooden plate, and hammer some nails on the branches, perfect to hang your necklaces!
DANCING TREE vinyl decals stickers wall art graphics by Bakanastudio

Rustic Tripod Jewelry Display Tree by Rusticartistic
It's an aesthetic, perfect "tree" for displaying your jewelry - you can hang rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces from its various branches, and it doubles up as a lovely mood light.

Earring and ring tree by Thimothyadams
Here is a great way to show off your earrings and rings in style. Just the right mix of elegance, simplicity, sturdiness, and function.

I had a previous post about jewlery storage, go find it here.