Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Dear blogreaders,
it has been a wile, since my last blogpost.
These days have been so hectic, mostly filled with visiting family and driving from one side of the country (where lives my mother)to the other side for visiting my family in law!
Our car broke down during one of these trips. I can tell you, having a broken car at 8 pm on the highway (already dark and no lights!)with 4 kids in the car, and still 100 km from home is not a joke!
hm, at those moments of bad luck I am always thinking the bad luck could be worse: an accident with injuries, a total loss car.....
Anyway we reached home around midnight and were so happy to find a warm home, with cosy warm beds and a hot cuppa soup,...
In fact ..........we are so lucky!

Well, this first day of the year I want to bring a toast on my lovely husband and my 4 kids, they are the most cherised treasures I ever had!
Although it's not always easy to manage a 4kids household I could not live without it anymore :-)))

But I also want to toast on you , my dear blogreaders and Est friends, for your support and comments, I hope the new year will bring us lots of inspiration!