Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Inspired by nature

Back to nature necklace, in my shop.

Hubby is off to Sardiniƫ for a congres, ...I always feel lost when he is gone...
But I am glad time will go fast as I have lots of work preparing for the 'open House' in Bruges.
Babysits are already reserved as I can't take the little kids with me the whole afternoon on saturday and sunday,
hm... don't know yet how I will manage the rides of the kids to gym, dance lessons and musical lessons on saturday (all different places and hours :-(....we'll see...

But it is wednesday today and I made it myself easy : I just put a ready made lasagna in the oven , kids like it and for me it's no work :-)
The weather is fine, hope to take some pictures of new designs.

And I managed to list some new things in my shop.
A new necklace for the Challenge theme: 'back to nature' hosted by Ravenhill, you can find the other entries on her blog.
Not difficult for me to be inspired by the shades of fallen leaves, peeping mushrooms and the last few orange sunrays falling through the branches. I just love this season !

And a necklace in my Japanese garden line, with Japanese Washi paper.

Japanese garden necklace, in my shop.
click on the pictures to go to my shop.