Thursday, September 30, 2010

my creative workspace tutorial jewelry display

my workspace
is all about
preparing my booth
for the next fair I attend

A while ago
I found this
great tutorial

on the blog
of an EST friend.

A brilliant idea to display
the button rings I made

I used:
- some cheap isolation tubes
(the smallest ones)
- a shelf from the ikea molger series
I once bought to hang in the bathroom, but now it's destiny changed (lol!)
- an old white blanket

I know...
I should have ironed
the blanket parts
but well
I am not a good housewife I guess , LOL!

find more creative workspaces on kootooyo's blog.


balanced. said...

that is brilliant!

Annemiek - TwoTrees said...

works well too :-)

IKABAGS said...

Super cool and beautiful !

linda said...

Oh wow, that is a great idea...fabulous!

Ayca Karaoglan said...

It looks great!

Anonymous said...

it is indeed a brilliant idea, Greet!

Michaja said...


Anne said...

... Great Greet !... ;o)

Sue Paine said...

Such a clever idea!

Lucie Tales said...

I agree! Such a clever idea!

vadjutka said...

cool ring display - congrats for you!

TisteMie said...

Waua wat leuk, ik was net aan het zoeken naar een manier om mn ringen te presenteren, bedankt! Je ringen zijn trouwens supermooi!